Frequently Asked Questions

What are we announcing?

The Delachaux Group has brought together its rail division businesses under one unified brand: PANDROL.


Which companies are affected?

Pandrol Track Systems and Railtech Welding and Equipment such as, but not limited to, Railtech International, Pandrol CDM Track, Rosenqvist, Matweld, Vortok, Sufetra, IAT Pandrol  and Railwel.


Why have the companies consolidated?

This has been done to create a synergy from the combined strengths of the market leading businesses within the Delachaux Group rail division. The consolidation brings together the complementary strengths of these specialist rail infrastructure companies and makes our products and services more streamlined for our customers. The consolidation also allows us to be more effective in delivery of consistent, and continuously improving, levels of quality, innovation and service throughout the global business.

What is the name of the combined company? 

The company name is Pandrol, and it will be used across all our global locations. As we transfer our operational businesses over to the new company name, you will continue to see some of the registered company as you have previously dealt with, and we will let you know as we make changes to our registered company names.


What does Pandrol do?

Supporting our customers resolve their biggest challenges, Pandrol defines the industry standard across rail infrastructure fastening systems and aluminothermic welding. Our products and services also extend to designing, developing and manufacturing equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. Our smart control systems increase productivity, monitor track conditions and improve the overall track life cycle. We also provide a full range of products for urban transportation systems, including products such as aluminium/steel conductor rail systems, rigid catenary systems. We are committed to providing great service to our customers through dedicated on-track support and inspection team.


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